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Full Version: Accidental Fleece Discovery
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I acidentally found out that putting the fleece blanket UNDER you, will nearly cook you out of bed.

I went to bed exhausted and freezing. Pulled down the blankets, got inside. Was wearing sweats - which is why I didn't notice that I pulled down all the blankets except the fleecy/fuzzy one. Woke up naked & sweating like it was 100 degrees out instead of 35.
Instead of my flannel sheet under me, it was the fleece blanket.

So I'm guessing those fuzzy fleece sheet sets Walmart sells must be pretty warm (maybe too warm)
That is really good to know, 4x4. 

I know that when my daughter was in Germany, she said everyone used flannel sheets in the winter because they were so much warmer.  I wouldn't have thought to use a fleece blanket, though!
Sure you didn't have a hot flash 4x4?

I assume this is wool fleece? I'd learned years ago that wool retains it's thermal insulating value pretty well, even when wet. Still something to remember for future reference. Now I'm gonna' have to get one of those. Thanks for sharing!
A lot of hammock campers use an "under quilt" for this reason.  The heat loss issues can be easily seen in that setting.  If your bed has air under it, the benefit is greater.
This is great to know.  I plan on using a hammock in my van (when I finally get it) to save space.  When its hot the flow of air will keep me cool.  When its cold, a fleece blanket may be the fix.
Great news and I am doing it right is just as 4x4 says....much warmer....I happened to get a nice high quality fleece throw for Christmas and that is my undersheet now....I wear fleece pants and a thin silk-like long sleeve pullover too.
I am in the desert but it cools off to about 40 or less at night....and I don't heat the van at night....
Thanks 4x4!
i wonder. 
there are mattress covers made for incontinent people. i would imagine one of those would be an extra underlayer and increase the effect even more.

old first aid "trick" is to not cover people with a blanket but instead put it under them. I think it has to do with the warmth leeching out due to contact with whatever surface you are on, air above is a poor conductor of heat.


Nothing expensive and definitely not wool. I'm allergic to wool.
It's just a cheap $10 fleece blanket from Dollar General.
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