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Full Version: Help with conversion
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I recently bought a step van to convert into a tiny house/RV.  I've since be looking on Craig's list for help with the major components of the build.. solor, water tanks, window...  I'm in California until the end of the year when I move back to Phoenix AZ.  I may drive the van to AZ in October if I can get the work gone.  I'd appreciate any advice - on how to find help.  Thanks!
Look in the forum section on Choosing the Right Vehicle to get some ideas. Discussions on every type of vehicle. You should also toss in some minimalist gear, eg camping stuff, and take a few short trips and see how things go, and get some ideas of how you like the inside arranged.
You might be a little sore specific of what part of Ca you are in.
I'm in the Bay Area, San Jose.
Just grab a bed and a full debit card and go for it.
(07-18-2018, 08:15 AM)Weight Wrote: [ -> ]Just grab a bed and a full debit card and go for it.
Lol, thanks. I want to get the basics taken care of first. Be peace!