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i didnt do it,i didnt do it i tell you,i'm innocent,,,well maybe,i do have pirates on my site

while the original post could of been worded better what the regular members might not know is that forums are under a constant attack from spammer and scammer,there is an automated system that gets the know ones but others get through

so yes,if a member you dont know with little or no post sends you links,dont click the link and report the member,it's most likely malicious
I don’t know about all the van forums but Gary’s vandwellerforum isn’t in any competition to this one. It’s a whole different feel with a small, homey feel and most posts go off topic there. It’s not just an information forum like this one - which does a good job of info - but more of a sit at the bar and chat atmosphere.

It’s made up almost entirely from the old YARC thread that’s still here. It’s just not even the same.
it wasn't Gary's forum that started this new policy.

there was a member here recently that was recruiting for his web site. I removed his links and informed him of the 10 post rule. instead of joining in the conversation here he started to try to recruit through PM's. I banned him as a spammer. since then he has rejoined I believe twice and tried to recruit through PM's. he has been banned each time by different mods.

this forum is not unique to rules about links. one forum I belong to has a 50 post minimum before you can offer items for sale, another forum you can't post links to other forums that cover the same content, at all. most don't allow political conversation or religious requiting. I could go on but you get the idea.

Who was it HDR? Dagnabit. I’m guilty of inviting people I thought would be a good fit over there but I don’t do it often. I even invited you
I havn't been invited to join any thing through PMs. I have opened new poster's to find they were trying to sell me something. That is much more aggravating than posters that dare disagree with my opinions.
Weight, I hope you're taking the time to report the posts in question. We rely on our members to help keep the forum safe and spam free.

Many thanks to those who do!
For those wondering about the spamminess of the spam PMs, they definitely tasted like spam to me. I got a couple of the PMs and they were from members who just joined in the day or so before the PM was sent and their status was administrator or mod, but the messages themselves were exactly the same copy pasted content, different days, same goofy "Special Invitation Smile" subject line.

Exact same content -


I just wanted to send you a personal invite to join the......(the rest is unnecessary to include in this post)

Yup, tastes like spam to me.

Thanks mods

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(07-17-2018, 05:24 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]I banned him as a spammer.  since then he has rejoined I believe twice and tried to recruit through PM's.  he has been banned each time by different mods.

I appreciate the clarification.  Thanks.
Where are they inviting you to go
The "invitation" worked on a few people. A few friends sent me a PM telling me they were notified this forum is closing. The message we all received said:

Quote:Just a reminder, ALL users from CRVL are moving to the ProjectVanlife Forum. Because the forum software running CRVL is getting outdated and is no longer compatible due to the new GDPR regulations. So please sign up on HERE as soon as possible. Spots are limited.

I knew it was BS the moment they mentioned "compatibility" and new "regulations". Now I need to let my friends know that it was fake.

P.S. - I already removed the "links"
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