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Full Version: Boondocking pos. in NV.?
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I just bought myself 2.06 acres in Montello,NV. and was wondering if Boondocking was possible in NV. I was thinking of building a 8x12 shed but was told I'd have to put in a well and septic even if I use a camper trailer either way I would have to drill a well and they're saying I need permits too has anybody heard such ??
AFAIK most such laws are county/city rather than state.  There is lots of BLM land in NV that you can boondock in for two weeks at a time.
I concur with is subject to where your land is. If it is in the bounds of a town or city it may have zoning limitations and it will also be subject to county regs...I would do some research of all that and I don't think you can get much info from us about any of is all available on the internet and you do need to know the laws before you move onto block may be zoned for RV living, the next may not be. Even in my little New Mexican town the zoning rules vary from block to block.

Another thing you actually should have done before you bought it is to find out if the subdivision has any guidelines and covenants, etc. on it.
Many places I have lived, if you build a shed on skids and not a permanent foundation you are usually good to in it may be different.
In Elko county NV this should not be a problem. I built an 8x12 near Deeth NV, according to county regs 200 sq feet or less doesn't need a permit as long as it is not used as a dwelling for people. The septic does require a permit but as far as I know is not required as long as you dump your tanks at a dump station. To put in a well you need licensed well drillers and this can be expensive depending on how deep the water is. Too live on your property in an rv the county doesn't require any thing people do this all the time here in Elko county NV.
this is very similar to my property, which while not in nevada, I think it pretty friendly to the mobile dweller.. Under 200 sq ft didnt require a building permit, Storage sheds are allowed on the property, and living in a camper/rv on site is fine.. (dont need a septic tank because you can go dump your tanks). I would bet you can find info on the county site as far as permits and requirements.

so it seems it'll not only be cheaper to go with a camper but less head aches as well. and no paper work = no brainer priceless.
One option to get around having a well dug if it's too expensive is to have a water tank of some thousand(s) of gallons and get a truck to deliver water. or haul it yourself. If anyone says something, 'I plan on getting a horse and its for their water. Just remember to get an opaque one to minimize algae growth inside the tank.
I have a 500 gallon black tank works great most of the year, in the winter here in northern NV I have to use a tank heater to keep it from freezing solid. In the spring it can take a month for a tank to thaw out! 
Spirituallifetime about how far from Montello would you say you are in distance ?

I'm not sure how far from Montello might be 60 miles.

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