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Full Version: Bob in TV?
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So the rumor is that Bob will be shooting a TV series this fall?

Back after my book came out, I got an email from a TV production company that was interested in doing a series. I told them I wasn't all that interested, and since vandwelling is mostly boring there wouldn't be much in the way of drama unless they were gonna artificially set up conflict with cops, security dudes, neighbors, or whatever. They never got back to me.

I am wondering what sort of series could be even be done about "van-dwelling". A van-travel show, maybe?
so far they are only going to do a pilot. but I agree it won't be very interesting to the general audience without a lot of contrived drama. we will see. highdesertranger


I feel the same way. Is Bob going to be the star, or is he just going to be a player in it? I'd hate to see him sell out to a fake show.
If the company name is Cineflix, tell Alexandra I said 'HI'...

Bob talks about a series about work campers on a major US broadcasting network on this video at the 6 minute mark.
Well, if it's a series about workamping, I expect Amazon will exercise a lot of control if they are in it--they are very jealous about their public image.
In a live chat video Bob talks about it near the 6: minute mark. Here is a link to it.