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Full Version: Need a book to listen to?
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We like to listen to books as we roadtrip, and on our trip back up from AZ to WA, we listened to a very appropriate non-fiction book called The Oregon Trail, by Rinker Buck. Rinker and his brother Nick take a covered wagon pulled by 3 mules along the Oregon Trail in 2014 or 15. Their father had actually taken them on a covered wagon trip in the northeast during the summer of 1958, so they weren't complete pikers on this trip. You learn more than you ever needed to know about mule breeding & driving, and wagon engineering, but you also get lots of history of the Oregon Trail and the great migration and it is entertaining. It is read by the author and he reads well. When we stopped in Baker City OR, we learned that there is a national Park & BLM Oregon Trail museum just outside of town, and it was most educational. Very worthwhile and included in your National Parks senior pass, btw.

(We listened to a copy from the library, but you could buy it from Amazon or iTunes or however you do that.)
Reserved it at library. Thanks
that's very cool. I am currently reading "Emigrant Trails West". I have traveled much of the California Trail, Applegate Trail and some of the Oregon Trail. of course I was not in a wagon. that sounds like an interesting read thanks for the tip. highdesertranger
Btw, if you do listen to this book, be sure to listen past the closing credits, where the woman says "...copyright 2015." and it seems like that's the end of the recording, because after a pause there is a bonus conversation between the author and his brother about the trip.
You might enjoy Blood and Thunder: an Epic of American West by Hampton Sides. It made me want to follow Kit Carson’s trail as he traveled around the country on a mule. But skip the mule part unless it’s a Burro trailer.
Check out a free App called Overdrive.  Allows you to download books from the library remotely.  Can check out multiple books and have up to 21 days to listen to them.  Best of all is the cost.   $$ ZERO $$
Yes, that's what I mean when I say we listened to a copy from the library. Overdrive is great. Though the libraries are advertising a new app called Libby now. Haven't gone to check it out yet. I'm happy with Overdrive -- why must they make me try something different??
Cool deal.  I love Overdrive.  Listen to at least 4 books each week.  Seen the Libby thing promoted also.  Won't use unless I have to.  This old dog is not good at new tricks.
Thanks for the tip. I've downloaded Overdrive to try out. My local library uses Hoopla but sometimes I use up my limit and wish I had more.
Limit? I have library cards at 3 libraries, so I can check out 30 titles a week. Not that I do!
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