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Full Version: Temporary Bed
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I needed something better to lay on than the floor and I have used up my free slerpovers in the front seats. The driver's front seat at least had a bit more leg room. The floor was just way to hard and hard to get up from. 
Been looking on Craigslist and other freebee sites but not much luck until today. I was given a really nice couch, it's big but I can still get around it.
I found my new sheets and getting ready to put them on as best I can. Looking forward to sleeping. A good night sleep is worth it's weight in gold they say. I need rest, still not feeling myself after that hospital stay.
It was really hot again today @ 96* with no AC.
I have a nice place to park, a church I used to work at as office administrator. Lots of property but not much shade and they keep everything closed up all week. A few people I talk with that drive by, but many I don't remember. But Pastor said I can park until the third. Wohoo.

I never thought of a couch but when crunch time comes, all sorts of ideas pop into ones head. Until I knowore and mainly have the money the couch works for now.
Nite folks
Be safe
You can find milk crate type boxes cheap and put a piece plywood over them, If you fill the space under the bed with crates, you can use a thin plywood like 3/8". If you only use 5 crates, (one in each corner and one in the middle I would say 1/2". Hardware store can cut it for you. Take the cushions off of the couch and you have a bed with storage.
ThAts a great idea.
(07-24-2018, 06:01 PM)Jacksonricher Wrote: [ -> ]ThAts a great idea.

I dunno.  I think the couch would be way comfier.  Especially if it is a large one.  I have been couch surfing at my relatives while getting better after surgery.  I'm going to be ready to hit the road after cleared, which will be in less than a week.  There was a time in my life that I slept for a couple years on a cot.  Thankfully it was the kind with springs.  Highly recommend the kind that aren't just springs at the edges but springs all the way across.  I've seen them even at yard sales where they have gone for $5 or less. 

The thing that makes the couch so comfy are the springs in it.  My back would kill me to be sleeping on plywood.

One thing I want to try someday but I haven't yet is a rope bed.  There are directions on how to make them online.  You have to also make a rope turner because the rope stretches over time and the rope stretcher or turner makes it tight again.  Otherwise it could sag.  Yep, if you buy a twin mattress cover that zips, you can put just about anything soft inside it.  They used to use straw, I think.  Anyway I saw how to make a rope bed on youtube and I want to make one just the right size for my van eventually.  Once you make it up, you can bounce a quarter off it.

Then early on, once a month you pull the cover out, pull the straw out into the sun to freshen it and then you wash your tick or zipped up mattress cover and then check to see if you need to tighten your ropes.  The thing I like about this is the fact that you can make it softer with the right stuffings and it can be made springy with tight ropes. 

Before we had the mattresses we have today, Americans slept on rope beds.  Of course, you can put a factory made mattress on a rope bed too.
Jacksonricher, where are you located?