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Full Version: Firebox stoves
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I really didn't ask for anything from Santa, but he insisted and got me one of these stoves. I'm liking the idea of using it as a stove while boondocking. Anyone familiar with these?
It's new to me, be sure to use it and give us your thoughts! Looking forward to hearing more!
I am like Bob...don't know much about them but have seen them for sale...waiting for your report, Rollin sounds cool...yay Santa!
I like the fold up part.
easy to store.

something to add into the mix...a nice way to boil water with kindling. I've had mine for about 3 seasons and it's fun and practical.

Kelly Kettle

This stove is the one I would like to have:

This is the one I am making (today) since I don't want to spend what these other stoves cost for as little as I may use it...

I love to play around with stoves...and while I would love to have one of each, I have to cool it...I recently sold four high end backpacking stoves on ebay and have two to go...And I have a half dozen or more alcohol stoves both commercial and ones I made myself.

I want one of these but they have really gone up in price. They are only worth about $10 ( several years ago you could but all you wanted at surplus stores) but selling for much more and a little hard to find...As the zeitgeist of fear mounts and people jump on the "prepper" wagon, they are buying up stuff like this as fast as they can.

And I just bought one like this on ebay to try in place of my little Mr. Heater in the van...I try to travel in the heat and stay home when it's cold so this should do the job.

Fun stuff...stoves and heaters....


edited to put in the Swiss ranger stove link..ooops

Had mine for almost a year now... great little tool!
dosen't fold, but i came across this nice wood burner some time ago while researching.

seemed very efficient.

I do think i'll probably (well does seem a bit impractical in a fun way) grab the biolite woodburner that charges USB powered devices. I'm into gadgets ; )
Here is one (It does not fold up) rocket stove made in our shop with metal laying around.
The only material I purchased was the perolite

Link to blog post #1

Link to blog post #2

I built a rocket type heater based on the rocket stove principle like the one you have built in your shop, it puts out good heat dont use a lot of wood to do it.
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