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Full Version: Travel to help?
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Does anyone travel to areas which have had a natural disaster to help the local people?  I am not on the road yet and do not have many skills, but this is something I would like to do.
I would imagine the most common local disasters in the US are tornadoes in the Southeast and Midwest.
There are organizations that appreciate relief workers with RVs. The link below provides some information
Checkout a recent YouTube with Bob and Suanne. It’s on free dental. As a result of getting great tooth care Suanne has volunteered I think 3 times with the organization RAM in AZ. CA and TX.

Not quite the same as a natural disaster but still helping those much in need.
Have you checked out Team Rubicon? It's purpose-built for exactly what you're talking about. It was originally developed for returning veterans, but has expanded to include anyone. They do physical grunt work, mucking out after hurricanes and floods, cleaning up after wildfires etc.

Another good way to go is the Red Cross. If you sign up with them, you can do stuff like volunteer at disaster shelters.

One big complaint with rescue workers is that well-intentioned volunteers tend to just show up on their own, are often unprepared, and can become victims themselves, becoming a drain on rescue resources. So anyone who goes into a disaster scene needs to be totally self-sufficient, have basic survival equipment and training, and be reasonably physically fit (which is why I Mii longer do emergency services, since I'm disabled and might need services myself!)

I'd love to see an organized effort to get a fast-moving volunteer field unit together for feeding and hygiene distribution in disaster areas. We nomads know better than anyone how to deal with things like food and sanitation without running water and electricity! We could definitely contribute without causing a further burden on existing systems.

Feel free to use my brain, since it's otherwise in cold storage ;-D

Laura P. Schulman, M.D., aka...

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Habitat for Humanity has an RV branch. A lot of times they want people to stay away during a disaster. A lot of thieves and other crooks show up to help victimize the people. Unless invited to be a part of a group, I would stay away. Police see your out of State plate and will not tend to think of you as a helper. Why are you here and what group are you with may be some of their questions. There is a saying that no good deed goes unpunished.

I once went aboard a burning boat and put out the fire and looked for anyone that might be inside. I had fire fighting and first aid training in the Navy. Did anyone say thanks a lot? No. Instead I became their #1 arson suspect. For a couple of years I got interviews hoping to catch me in a changed story. Now I say burn baby burn. If I were to show up at another fire they woulds say look at the pattern here. Isn't it odd fires are where you happen to be.
(07-25-2018, 08:44 PM)DannyB1954 Wrote: [ -> ]I once went aboard a burning boat and put out the fire and looked for anyone that might be inside. I had fire fighting and first aid training in the Navy. Did anyone say thanks a lot? No. Instead I became their #1 arson suspect.t 
Years ago my brother, who was a volunteer firefighter saw smoke coming out of an old small abandoned barn right near a main highway.  He called it in and went down to see if he could put it out, or anyone needed help (he figured kids might be there).  After how badly he was treated by the police and fire investigators,  being treated like prime suspect he said he would never report a fire again (unless it was in a house, so real chance of lives being in danger).  Once he moved he never volunteered as a firefighter again. (in rural areas no paid fire departments, so volunteers are really needed).
I can't think of a better thing to do than to help MEALS ON WHEELS deliver lunch or dinner to an elderly person.
Another point about being a prime suspect. Lets say you are doing clean up work at a house. Somebodies jewelry comes up missing. Do you think they will say, it couldn't have been that person in a van license # Bla Bla Bla?

What if somebodies child disappears? Being a nomad is going to help remove suspicion? What if you were also in another area where a child disappeared?

It is nice to help others, but in today's society you had better make sure that your behind is covered. Pull someone from a smoking wreck and who will be blamed for the broken neck? It is probably better to not be the hero, because nobody is going to reward you, but everyone will have a shot at blaming you for something. Everything was just fine until that guy in a van showed up.