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Full Version: Boondocking Etiquette
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    I have been listening to friends and aquaintences recently about some of their experiences boondocking. One of the major issues seems to be folks pulling up close to an existing camp and dropping anchor. Many people boondock because they want their space. Leave a good distance
between yourself and other camps. Remember, music, loud noise, and the dreaded generator
racket really carries in the outdoors. If you have to use a generator, for whatever reason, keep
your camp far enough away so you aren't disturbing others. Keep your camp clean and neat. 
This is good stewardship of the site and keeps away unwanted attention of the authorities.
Just some thoughts, what do you think? 
Good reminder! Another noise source that I had never considered until a tent camper mention it is the water heaters in RVs. They can be very noisy especially during the night when everything else is quiet. I try to remember to make sure that ours is off when camping with tenters.
And it's not necessary to keep the water heater on all the time.  I turn mine on twice a day:  Half an hour or so in the morning and again in the evening.  The water stays hot for hours. 
I have a wind charger and try to stay away some distance from others.

If they dis-like hearing the whoshing of the blades when the wind is blowing then they need to move further away
I figure I was there first.

I try to make my spot quite large discouraging closeness.

When it comes to the water heater I only turn it on when I need to use it usually in the morning.

Since I am a solar power snob, I take offense to listing to contractor generators running all day & night.

I had a neighbor (who was tent camping) tell me he heard my furnace going on and off all night and was jealous cause he was freezing in his tent.  Since I had parked and set up camp first I didn't feel too bad and he wasn't really complaining.  My thought is that is part of camping.  There's always something that is going to bother someone else and vice versa.  I just try my best to be considerate.  But as for being cold at night....not sure I think I need to do that so that someone in a tent doesn't hear my furnace and be bothered by it....(I did offer him my little propane heater for the following night but he declined)

   Star, you are absolutely right. What I was refering to is boondocking and the folks who pull in close to an existing camp and proceed to display all sort of negative behavior. It's a big desert/national forest etc. out there folks. Be considerate.
Thanks Owl, I totally agree with you and one of the things I do have to realize is that while I was raised with a no trace, wilderness ethic since boyhood, many folks have not a clue about anything to do with camping or being in the wild. Hard to forgive them that and I have moved my camp many times because of thoughtless people.

I just did that the last time I was in Quartzsite a few weeks friend and I who were parked next to each other woke one morning with two enormous toy haulers parked right next to us on BLM land and the people hollering at each other and unloading their gas powered toys....

This is why I am only in Quartzsite for things like the RTR and other meetups. It is way crowded....and the contractor gensets are abundant....
99.9% of the time, I find it rude for people to park on top of me. Like ManyWheelsBri, I really only come to Q to see my RTR friends. Otherwise, there's no draw. I like seclusion when camping. But at a gathering like RTR, I expect to be jammed in with everyone and enjoy it. RTR is way too spread out this year.
owl Wrote:   Star, you are absolutely right. What I was refering to is boondocking and the folks who pull in close to an existing camp and proceed to display all sort of negative behavior. It's a big desert/national forest etc. out there folks. Be considerate.

Hi owl, I totally agree!  Be considerate and don't park right on top of anyone else when you're out in the boonies!

I'm not sure why you felt the need to clarify that you're referring to boondocking (in a thread titled boondocking etiquette! , but I guess it will help someone.  If you're implying that my post had nothing to do with boondocking, I can only say that the majority of my camping experiences have been boondocking.  Out in the boonies... no water, electricity, etc... My story about the furnace noise at night happened on a weekend trip in the mountains (boondocking!) with my astronomy club.  I was trying to point out that even if you try to be considerate there might be things that annoy others that you might not be able to or want to change.  Obviously I didn't communicate well.

I apologize if my story wasn't appropriate for this thread.  I probably should have quoted the post about the hot water heater since that is what prompted my story.  But I think I got the message now.  Shutting up.

I also find it very irritating! After it happened one time I tried to imagine what was going on in their minds and I realized that most RVers have a totally different mindset than we do. To them they are going visiting friends with the bonus of being in nature. So when they gather they pack themselves together in tight little groups ( I also think that has something to do with fear). So they are safe and close to their buddies. When I go out, I want to be in nature, and being with friends is a bonus.

Those are totally different mindsets! The problem is that neither of us can understand the other. They can't understand why I am so irritated and I can't understand why they are so rude.

Understanding that helps me deal with my anger but it doesn't help me hate the noise and crowding any less!!

My solution is to generally be where they can't or don't go. Problem solved! If they can get to me, I have no choice but pack up and move. As has been said, RTR is different, we are in pretty close but I am here to be with people, not nature.
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