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Full Version: Car, Car.... Truck?
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I wasn't sure where to post about our search for the ideal solution, so here I go.

We currently have 2 very small cars (Honda Fit). We are exploring the idea of buying a trailer/camper type thing for short trips now, and possible extended use in future years, possibly even full time after retirement. 

My partner believes that we can get something small/light enough for a Honda Fit to haul around. I feel that it's possible for us to make that work, with something VERY minimal, but I worry we would burn up the transmission with the frequent elevation changes we have in this area. I also feel that to make the car-tow option work, the trailer would have to be SO minimal, we may as well use a tent. Am I wrong?

Some options we are considering: He has talked about just getting a lightweight aluminum flat trailer, and building something lightweight on it.

I have suggested the weeride trailers.

I'm partial to the idea of buying a cheap SUV/Jeep type vehicle for hauling, and buying a light trailer/camper. I'm partial to the idea of pop-up campers, but also realize they have lots of issues, and aren't the best for a long term investment.

As a side note, I have an 11yr ops son, so ideally, we need 2 beds, although setting up a tent for him isn't out of the question.

We are all experienced tent campers, but of course we're looking at something to make this travel stuff and camping less of a hassle.
what does Honda say about towing? start there. highdesertranger
(07-30-2018, 07:29 AM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]what does Honda say about towing?  start there.  highdesertranger

Well, there are mixed messages. I'm pretty sure Honda doesn't recommend towing anything much with the Honda Fit. However, my partner has read some of the Fit forums and there is a person who talked about towing a 1k lb trailer, cross country with one, using a transmission cooler and driving in 3rd gear. Sounds pretty risky to me.

My thought is, we would be better off buying a cheap SUV type vehicle, something that's easy to fix and wouldn't cost a fortune, even if we had to replace it completely. We both like the freedom of having a separate vehicle for towing, so even if a vehicle breaks down, we would be looking at (worst case) replacing the vehicle rather than our Road Home.

That being said, I'm looking for suggestions of a good choice for that towing vehicle, something we could purchase for a couple of thousand dollars, or less and relatively gas efficient. I have no doubt this is a very common thread in this forum Wink
go directly to Honda, not someone says that they did it. highdesertranger
It seems we always want more. Full time living in a tent we would have a hard time fitting all the camping gear in a Honda Fit and couldn't with a third person. Unless you take both cars, I would think you would have to be weekend back pack campers. My wife and I used a single cab Tacoma 4x4 4 cylinder with a 4'x6' utility trailer to tent camp for 3 months of 14 day stays and it worked well for us. We later built an enclosed trailer 6'x11' which we needed a larger truck to pull. We missed the off road trails we used to do in the Toyota. Now we are building a 24' toy hauler with a Samurai 4x4 and camper pulled by either a Surburban or our old Jeep truck with its camper when the kids come. Tnttt can show you how to build something light but I would think the Honda Fit would already be a capacity with just the camping gear and 3 people. Bad weather is something you will have to deal with if camping for extended periods and even a small enclosed teardrop is much better than a tent to sleep in and securing your camping gear when traveling, maybe it is time to consider a V6 truck or SUV as your second vehicle?
(07-30-2018, 08:23 AM)bullfrog Wrote: [ -> ]maybe it is time to consider a V6 truck or SUV as your second vehicle?

That's my thought process. Lots of good info in your post. Thanks. Smile I think something like a Suburban, or smaller SUV would be great, along with a smallish camper. We're debating what we really want/need as far as amenities.
I had a friend who bought a (1st generation) Honda Fit many years's a seriously under-powered little car, or at least, his was. 

You might be able to tow a little teardrop trailer or a motorcycle size pop-up tent trailer.

I'm thinking 500-1000 pounds MAX. 

But I would not do it, I'd find another way to tow a trailer.
(07-30-2018, 08:06 AM)highdesertranger Wrote: [ -> ]go directly to Honda,  not someone says that they did it.  highdesertranger

I agree. I can't imagine our little car hauling 1k lbs extra up a 7% grade for several miles, even in 3rd gear. Too risky in my opinion.
Get a half ton PU or van. I wouldn’t want a smaller SUV for towing.
Having had both 6-cylinder and 4-cylinder SUVs, I'd say don't even think about towing anything with a 4-cylinder vehicle, unless it's extremely lightweight. When being footloose, you'll be in the mountains a lot, and will hate the low torque available with just 4-cylinders.
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