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Full Version: Harvest Host
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Anyone see Creativity Rv video on Harvest Host camping?  I'm not on the road yet, but it sound's interesting.
We joined Harvest Hosts in 2014 and have stayed at 16 locations and visited 2 more. We really enjoy staying at Harvest Hosts sites - some for the scenery, others for the location, and others because we want to visit the attraction. Keep in mind that the hosts join hoping that people who camp with them will buy their products. We only stay at places where we know that we'll find something to buy.

Unless something has changed camping units must be self-contained so check the rules.
Yea, I've stayed at a few too. Spent more buying a bottle of booze than if I stayed in a campground, but it is fun
That's exactly why I haven't joined

The Dire Wolfess
I was a member for a year, but didn't renew because it was too expensive to feel obligated to have to buy something every place. A bottle of wine is an extravagance for me. Although I did like the berry farms in Oregon. The little pies were fabulous!