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Full Version: Umbrella for cars
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I can see where this might be useful for a car dweller under the right conditions.

 I don't know anything at all about this product so please don't bite my head off. Sad

I find the second review it has amusing.

It came up as an ad in my Facebook newsfeed and I thought I'd pass it on.

This is the link to the Amazon listing.
One of the prius guys was going to buy that but I have not seen any comments further about it.
I use a small Coleman shade structure that they no longer make to shade the windshield and side windows and it really seems to help.
Great concept. Durable? Prolly not.

I want to see one covered on top with flexible solar panels, and effective at wisking the extra heat up & away.

Shark Tank anyone?
Actually mine has a few tears on two surfaces which actually lets the wind pressure simply pass through enabling me to use it for shade even in 10 to 15 MPH winds, before it ripped the slightest breeze it had to be tied down.