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Full Version: Poll: Your Status as a Vandweller
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This thread is for a poll only. Credit goes to [email protected] for the great idea. Not everyone will fit perfectly within the choices or the poll would be crazy-long. It doesn't matter if you have a sticks and bricks home in addition to a Cheap-RV-Living-type-of-home. Full time is not a continuous 5 months in the summer in a van then 7 months in a house or apartment- this would be part time. Exceptions could be a hospital stay, vehicle repair, or a few days of severe heat/cold and still be full time. If you are taking care of your dying parents and live in the house, that is not full time. You have my respect and you may be mobile at heart, but at the same time, that is not truly full time for the purposes of the poll. Helping the folks full time during the day then going into the van, your home, every night you possibly can would be full time. Try to answer where you are at the present; the poll can done again in a year to see what the changes were.

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So what exactly is the question that you want the poll answers for? Also maybe keep in mind that there are stationary vehicledwellers, too. So it's possible to live full-time but not be traveling full-time.

Thanks, ~angie

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(08-21-2018, 12:58 PM)AMGS3 Wrote: [ -> ]Canine

So what exactly is the question that you want the poll answers for?

"How do you identify your living situation?"

I agree that not everyone is mobile. Use whatever Cheap-RV-Living-type-of-home that you have or just a "regular" home if that is what you have. There will be some gray area, but that can't be avoided. Everyone is different and some people will not fit in any of the categories I provided, but they should cover most. This will give us some idea of our demographics. Perhaps we will discover most of us are living vicariously through the few that are living the life.
Keep in mind, though, that this forum is not a random selection of dwellers. We here tend to be skewed towards RVers, we are for the most part older folks, and we are geographically oriented towards the southwest.

If you took the very same poll in another forum, such as the Reddit Vandwellers, you will get quite different results.

(I know that because it has been done before.)