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Full Version: Slab City
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Pictures of a hard life in Slab City in today's Guardian.
Heart-rending but there has to be back stories...
The population of Slab City is about 200 people - so if the Guardian didn't make this fact abundantly clear, then it's just jingo journalism. You can always find some poor slob living in horrid conditions and sell a newspaper story. Somewhat more than 1-billion people live in real slums.

There are many many many youtube videos on visits to Slab City. I stopped there last March for about an hour. The "permanent" residents are easy to spot due to the massive amount of crap in their yards. The southeast part of the area is all scattered with garbage, not even put in bags. Just a big mess, the residents must be awfully damn lazy to not even put their garbage into plastic bags. East Jesus was the fun place to visit for about 20-minutes. Some RVers and RTR'ers do stay there overnight in an area called "The Lows".
(08-23-2018, 11:12 AM)LivGolden Wrote: [ -> ]Heart-rending but there has to be back stories...

I didn't find it heart-rending; I see humans surviving in a manner of their choosing. Life will find a way.

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UK press distracting their readers from the misery of life in the UK.