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Full Version: 5'10" tall with a bed question
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I would like to have a bed in the back of the van but at 5'10" tall I don't fit sleeping from side to side. I cannot sleep with my legs bent up like some can. Some people sleep at an angle, that's fine by me. How wide or what size bed do they use? A full size mattress just about fits. I know I will have to cut whatever I get. 
Or should I have a bed run from the back towards the front along a side wall. It seems less efficient use of space having it that way.
I use a foam mattress like this across the back of my GMC Savana cargo van. The width is actually 74-76" across at the top of the wheel wells. Everything is curved in there, but you can jam the mattress down and the foam will conform to the curves. This sort of mattress can also be trimmed with a carving knife if you really need to.

When I had the mattress lengthwise, the floor space was so abysmal I could barely turn around inside there.
Qinreno what size and thickness mattress did you buy?
There are many other foam mattresses for sale, but I have the exact one shown on that amazon page. 8" thick, 3-layer foam, twin size. 

It would be possible to stick a full-size in there, but the Savana van has a nasty vertical strut coming down to the top of the wheel well, so you would have to cut a divit out of a full-size mattress. The twin mattress jams down into the space between the strut and the rear of the van. A simple board underneath for support. I need a thick mattress due to having a bad hip from an old motorcycle accident, so I can't use one of those 3" foam things that a lot of youngsters use.
Have you thought about angling the bed in back to give you the room to stretch out?  The triangular space it leaves in the back corner would be hard to utilize but it should leave more floor space than a front to back bed.

Another option would be to make it like a Murphy bed that folds up against the side (or back) wall.  Or folds into a couch.
(08-28-2018, 12:56 PM)Spaceman Spiff Wrote: [ -> ]Another option would be to make it like a Murphy bed that folds up against the side (or back) wall.  Or folds into a couch.
A Murphy bed can be used in a high-top. In my std height Savana van, I did actually flip the twin mattress up on its side when it was originally front-to-back, and secured it with a strap, but the van isn't quite tall enough even for that so it would lean out at an angle. The arrangement across the back is vastly superior.
I want to try the back first I think. I too have back and hip issues and need a thick mattress plus I am really heavy, I would flatten out a 3" mattress and be on plywood lol.
Sleep, at least for me, is most important. If I can't sleep comfortably then the hell with the rest of the day. I wanted to follow a twin extra long but that is not going to happen. That's why I was thinking of the angle sleeping.
I just need to lay on the floor and see how it works. Thank you guys
JR, I would go with at least the 8" thick mattress. After buying that one for the van, I did buy a 6" thick full-size for the house, and it's really not nearly was comfortable as the 8" one. You can get them up to 12" thick, but read the reviews. Somebody said the 12" thick one made him feel like the Philsbury Dough Boy because he sunk in so much. You can always get a thinner one and then put a foam topper or 2 on top until you get it how you like it.

Using the Pythagorean Theorem, it says that a mattress 74" long and 38" wide has a diagonal length of 83". If you have a bigger mattress at home, you can mark off 74" and 38", and then lie on it diagonally and check how much shoulder room you have. I think it's doable. I've seen guys in youtubes mention sleeping at an angle.
Forgot to mention - those foam mattresses have a zipper on the bottom so you can pull the cover off for washing and/or when trimming to fit in the jam space.
On one of Bob's vedios he suggest getting a queen size topper, cutting it to size and double it or use two pieces of the queen on top of each other. It's less expensive than a foam mattress. Has anyone done this? I am not a fan of sinking into memory foam, I like to be able to turn over easy.
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