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Full Version: Rob says nomads telling you to join them, are only trying to justify their lifestyle.
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Rob says nomads are losers, encouraged by that 'bearded guy' encouraging everyone to leave the comforts of brick and mortar for the "RTR" where they poop in a bucket.

Rob encorages the above to just get a life, buy a new RV and driving to the camping areas only on weekends, working hard the rest of the week to deserve the title "weekend warriors".
Wow, the comments on that are disheartening. Lots of people just can't let people live how they want to live anymore.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. And everyone is entitled to make up their own mind. Unfortunately, many people broadcast their opinions, and many more seem to think that the mere fact of "being on TV" gives things some kind of credibility. Anyone can put almost anything on YouTube, but that doesn't mean anything at all. Find and follow your own wisdom.

The Dire Wolfess
- Yeah, Rob says:
"Nomads are people who have given up on the american dream".
- Rob says:
"If you want to be a nomad, move to Afghanistan".
- Rob has Tami's link at the top of his webpage, Episode 113.

Rob has ads all over his page. Rob is my Hero. Long live Rob. Let's Get Real.
The American Dream as consumerism, materialistic striving for money above all other values, deserves to die, just corrupt and unsustainable brainwashing.

My vision of America is where people are all treated with dignity, whatever their level of "usefulness" to The Machine,

where everyone is free to choose how they want to live their lives, according to their own values.
Meh, I don't need to justify my life to anyone. I don't give a shit whether people like my lifestyle or not. I can't see any of them from where I sleep.

BTW, who the fuck is "Rob", and why should I give a rat's ass what he thinks about anything?
ohh so many retorts popped into my head and I'm afraid I won't post any of them.

"believe half of what you see and none of what you hear"

opinions are like elbows, every dog has at least four.

you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him believe he's a horse.

who is Rob and who pays for his podcast?
I agree. Who is this Rob and why would I care.
I agree with you folks, and personally, if I wanted to listen to Rob, I'd choose Smile
I'm not going sit through an hour of that, but he's not the only guy who has put out a snide, contemptuous video on nomad life. I remember a Canadian guy doing the same thing some months ago. A lot of the comments on that one were just awful.

FWIW, sometimes unicycle videos get the same thing. People sometimes instinctively have strong reactions to difference, and the easiest reaction to have is generally a negative one. It's a lot easier than understanding or even maintaining curiosity. Negativity shuts a door and a lot of people like their doors shut.
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