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Full Version: Oregon, Yellowstone, Utah
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Spouse sprung a trip to Yellowstone on me at the last minute! We are going from the Oregon Coast to Yellowstone and then on to Salt lake and Cedar City Utah, then back to the Oregon coast. and Looking for overnights on the trip to tent camp. I'm willing to pay a little for hassle free and better conditions. Staying with a friend in Utah and don't need showers, but toilet and trash is nice. Planned overnight stops include:

Burns Oregon
Idaho Falls (or other location near the park maybe 2 nights) 
Shasta Lake area

Since this is a super long roadtrip, thoughts and advice on cheap roadside attractions to view along the route. We especially like native american oriented, waterfalls and very short easy walks. 

Much of Lake Shasta area recently burned. Check the fire map/photos at before you go. Lake Shastina, a few miles to the west, is gorgeous and free! No services...I was there a year ago. Plenty of shade (or sun if you want), room for lots of rigs. I met people from all over the world there!

The Dire Wolfess
MX, I asked about Lake Shastina after you mentioned it on another thread, but you had fled the scene. I happened to stop there in May on the way back from Bend, and the only CG I found was closed permanently, here: 
Maybe wanna swing out to Little Bighorn battlefield if you've not already been there--it's not THAT far away, and it is well worth the trip.
- Boise is a nice little city, they've kept the old downtown area in very good shape, go to the Old Penitentiary for an easy hike up to Table Rock, wonderful view.
- Stanley and Redfish Lake for camping, moderate hike up to Bench Lakes (only a slight detour from direct route to Yellowstone).
- then down the beautiful Sawtooh Valley to Ketchum,Hailey.
- YNP.
- Grand Teton and Jackson.
- Logan Canyon coming from Bear Lake.
- old downtown Provo.
- if you get down to Cedar City, then go to St George (reddest reds).
- Ruby Mtns near Elko, if heading west from SLC.
- Lassen.
- avoid taking Rte 36 (bad,bad,bad) or 299 to the coast, head to Oregon on I-5 instead, the Oregon coast is lightyears better than the CA coast near Eureka and Crescent City.
- Ashland.

There are Natl Forest CGs all along the way.
(09-04-2018, 05:41 PM)QinReno Wrote: [ -> ]MX, I asked about Lake Shastina after you mentioned it on another thread, but you had fled the scene. I happened to stop there in May on the way back from Bend, and the only CG I found was closed permanently, here: 
NOOOOOOOOOOO! Aaaaaaaagh! **rips all the hair off her chest in anguish**

I was really looking forward to going back there. Wonder what happened? Anybody know? Hope it didn't burn--it had the most magnificent old shade trees.

The Dire Wolfess
That campsite on Lk Shastina is listed in this book, which is how I found it. This is my A#1 resource, 12,000 CGs and you don't need a cell tower.
The place was not burned, and was absolutely gorgeous. I assume the locals had been using it as a party and trashing place. There are also exclusive high-income resort communities all up the east side of the lake, and I imagine the rich NIMBYs were bitching.
(09-04-2018, 05:58 PM)QinReno Wrote: [ -> ]- Stanley and Redfish Lake for camping

Right now I'm at a free camping ares just south of Stanley. There's a toilet and some fire rings. It's next to a pay campground. Salmon River on one side, mountain views on the other.!22816&query=sitedetails

Boise to Stanley to Yellowstone isn't the most direct route, but it's far more interesting than a southern route (unless you really want to see Craters of the Moon).
If you do the Mt. Nebo Loop between Payson and Nephi, there's a nice free campground up a side canyon. Toward the southern end of Nebo Loop Road is a fork with FR-046. Some people boondock by the intersection. There's a campground on the left as you go up FR-046, but it's usually crowded with families. Cottonwood is farther up, on the right. Toilet, tables fire rings, but no water.

There are a couple of pay campgrounds toward the middle of the loop, but I don't know how late in the season they stay open since they're at 8,000 feet.

You can take FR-014 down from Nebo Loop to where there are some dispersed camping areas. Or you can come up the other way from Santaquin. Center St. becomes Canyon Rd. which becomes FR-014.
My favorite spot "near" Yellowstone (as near as Idaho Falls, anyway) is boondocking along Granite Creek.

The turn from US-189 is at 43.283116, -110.534199

Here's approximately where I camped 43.311371, -110.459051

A lot of people boondock in the National Forest that abuts Grand Teton NP. Sometimes there are vacant spots along Shadow Mountain Rd, but I've had better luck up FR-30340. 43.703411, -110.621930

In Idaho Falls, I spent a couple of nights at Walmart. 43.491946, -112.052422

Another time I overnighted at the Love's Travel Center south of Idaho Falls. 43.437266, -112.119582
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