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Full Version: Nomad life on VA healthcare
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Is anyone doing the Nomad lifestyle and using the VA healthcare?

I've heard thru the rumormill if the VA finds out you're living in a vehicle, you're homeless in their eyes.

Also, the issue of having a health issue and appearing at a VA facility not in your "network" is a question I have also.

My local VA is cracking down on "rainy day" users, and requiring yearly physicals/check ups to keep being eligible for VA healthcare.

Appreciate any light you can shed on this.
I don't know anything about this issue, but imagine that a huge percentage of the homeless are veterans, so the VA has to deal with this situation. I see they have special programs.

If you plan to go nomadic, you will find VA hospitals all over the country, of course, but you would want to check on whether you can keep changing where you check in at. Good luck.
As a Veteran and having health insurance through the VA, you can go to ANY VA hospital or clinic in the USA. No one will pass judgement on your living conditions. I have been on VA for several years now and no problems traveling.
I have been using the VA for my primary healthcare provider since 1995.  The only problem I have ever had with them is when I went to a local ER with a bloody nose that wouldn't stop for about 8 hours.  They wouldn't pay because they didn't consider it an emergency.  They want you to get pre authorization from them to get outside emergency care.  Another time I called them and they wanted me to drive 125 miles to the VA ER in Amarillo when I was having chest pains and I went to a local urgent care clinic.  I did that because I also have medicare now.  I have never had the VA ask me about living situation.

You didn't say whether you are already in the VA system, but if you are not do it.