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Full Version: Trailer crash...what went wrong here?
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I've never pulled anything this big, so I don't have much of a feel for what went wrong.  Was it just too much speed?
Unbalanced load and/or speeding. My TT is 30 feet and it fishtails if I go over 70mph. I try to stick to 55 as much as I can, it really is a much safer speed.

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My guess is not enough tongue weight. Once a trailer starts fishtailing like that, you're in a bunch of trouble.

This 27 second video really shows the importance of properly distributing the weight of a trailer
Other videos that linked off the first, and may be something to look at. The last one talks about "yaw inertia".

You will also notice that in both cases, the trailer started fishtailing right when it hit the side-wash from the front of the semi.
unbalanced like others said and also that tractor trailer is pushing a lot of air in front of it.... that camper hit that air wake and really started swerving
The biggest factor that causes swaying is an improperly balanced load. Sway bars, trailer brakes, etc. all help but the best way to prevent sway is proper weight distribution.

Some trailers need their tanks drained before towing to ensure proper tongue weight.
Often it can be too much weight behind the axle, relative to over or in front of the axle.
Then it will easily swing like a pendulum from any side force.
If filled tanks are below and behind the axle, with a light bedroom or dining area only in the front of the trailer, an example of how it could happen.
Then put the generator and a/c as well as gear and supplies in the back, guess what happens?
Best to thing in a case of sway is to apply brakes on the trailer brake controller. Pulls it straight again.then stop and check your loading for proper weight distribution.
the biggest problem is the nut behind the wheel. poor load distribution, unwise combo of TT and TV, both probably played a roll. but in the end that wouldn't have happen if the idiot behind the wheel wasn't driving so fast. the semi was going almost 70 when the other driver decided that wasn't fast enough it appeared the TV and TT where driving at approximately 80. highdesertranger
A terribly unbalanced load will be OK up to about 35 mph then you have to start worrying. After 45 it will get pretty hairy.
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