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Full Version: When the universe gives you an answer .
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Since I first got the idea to go nomad I asked for signs that we should do it.My wife and me.I think the universe is helping me and says yes. Like my landlord selling the house in April. Finding great undeliverable on needed equipment .Like today a portable clothes washer spinner for 10 bucks.Just needed a very little problem fixed.The a few days ago I found wider wheels that help with flotation on sand and dirt.The name of the style is Found that one real funny.I truly believe  it's a sign and a push.
I LOVE those serendipitous events! Good for you that you're aware of them, and can use them.
I had a blue car  that we named Serendipity... Big Grin
It's always reassuring when random events start working out in ways that support a decision you've made. Good luck!
Coincidence is God's way of remaining anonymous. (Albert Einstein)
I don't believe in "coincidence", though I do like that quote. I see those events as signposts as it seems you are.
Be careful, sometimes they are easy to misunderstand, and sometimes you might find yourself in surprising places...
I'm surprised there haven't been more responses.
“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Seneca

"Fortune favors the prepared mind." Pasteur
Thank you for the repies.
I agree Ella 1
Signs are great when they come out of nowhere and can shape our future Smile
Go where the wind and signs will guide you! Freedom to bob and weave thru life is a wonderful adventure!
a recent example:
Over the last few months I considered upgrading to a more recent Kindle. Mine is old. I never mentioned it anyplace, to anyone, it was just a thought. About a week ago, a member on a forum that I've been on for a long time mentioned he had one to pass on, he had just gotten a new one. It arrived today and is now on my table, being charged.

Another one: several years ago I failed at a particular project. I've been thinking about it again for the last two days. Maybe now I have the skill to do this. Again, in another forum, someone mentioned a book by a particular author. I don't have that book, but do have another by him. I opened it last night, and there, as the second example, are step by step directions on how to do a large part of it.

Many people on this forum strongly "follow your gut feeling." This is along the same lines--the universe providing direction..
I used to find this surprising in my youth.

Now I take it for granted, as much as gravity.

But it's a delicate relationship. If you ignore her they seem to stop, but really it's just you need a crisis before you pay attention.

However if you "tune in" and listen fir the everyday subtle hints and little "coincidences", and

**most** importantly, let them guide your behaviour and decisions

then they get stronger and more frequent, in a very rewarding uplifting spiral of positive feedback.

Big factor in those "blessed" lives, "lucky" people and "geniuses".

And of course don't use your powers for evil, to try to gain unfair advantages at others' expense,

hoot for win-win in all your striving, in fact focusing on helping others reach their potential will often bring you the biggest rewards most quickly,

money status & fame are just side effects of real success, not proper goals for their own sake.
I actually stopped that path.

Too many things were coming true or panning out and I knew I didn't have a psychology mature enough to handle it.

When you turn the key on a lock, it doesn't partially open.
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