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Full Version: Hurricane approaching SE.....
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For the folks currently in the Southeast, this hurricane looks like it will be a big one.  Keep an eye on it and get out if you need to.

My gas tank is full just in case.
Be smart. Be safe.

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Personally, I wouldn't mess around at all. If I were there and a hurricane was coming, I'd be leaving... now. Period.
Knowing what we know about the highway system and what has happened historically, I'd be no further south than Pensacola at this point....

The Dire Wolfess
At current, there is no solid prediction about what path it will take or where/when it will make landfall. Probably not till next weekend, and most likely in one of the Carolinas or Georgia. But that could change. So keep your eyes open if you're anywhere in the potential landfall area.

I'm in Virginia Beach. I was planning on heading out to Chattanooga in a couple weeks anyway, so if it looks like it'll be getting close to here, I'll just head on over there early.
I evacuated for Hurrican Irma...left the east coast of Florida for the west coast...she changed course. ...I headed to North Florida...she followed....ditto Ga....ditto Dothan, AL.....the last straw was me camping in Central AL and the ranger saying she was heading our way. By then I was fed up with heat-seeking missile and drove home ...through AL, GA, and FL. I had the road to myself!
I'm still hovering in the SE. So far, so good. I should say SW being to SE and back but I had a plan to visit friends and they are not too concern about the hurricane (s).

I thk we are okay...
Projected landfall is north Carolina, at 138 mph winds

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I live right in the path.. wilmington, NC.... been prepping to get on the road by december..... hoping it makes a turn back out to sea.. but looks like we will get hit head on....
I'm gonna bug out--I'm leaving for Tennessee Tuesday morning.
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