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Full Version: Harbor Freight Disappointment
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Angry  I'm Fuming and really have my self to Blame! I have been a loyal customer of HF I know some of the products are trash but for a inexperianced DIY guy I understand that I'm not buying the best equipment and don't want to spend big$$ when I'm not sure how much I will be usingh the Tool or Product.
Anyway here is my Beef with HF after years of being asked to join the insiders club (I think it was $40-$50) I finnaly relented as I was starting to work on my new mobile home and figured I would save a few $$$ every time you shop they ask you if you recieve coupouns and ask for your phone # and each time I tell them I'm I have Insider Membership  I have shopped at ;least 20 times since being a memberand and always ask them if the savings will be taken off the order to which 20 cashiers replied YES... Well today I was told that is not the case that you have to clip coupons for each product in the insiders club for the savings....If I was told that at the beginning of signing up and paying the $$ I would have said No... I'm just not organized enough to do that and many of my purchases are based on the special pricing on the products. Sorry for the Rant but I thought I was saving a few $$ during the year which is my biggest hurdle in becoming a Nomad I have a hard time Budgeting. I hope some folks who have or are thinking of HF Insiders understand how it works, for me it doesn't. If you made it to the endSmile Peace and Blessings! I'm going to look up some Budgeting Threads for Help!
I have a Amazon Prime membership but only use it for the TV and movie videos I can download.

Since I'm always traveling I order from Walmart and have it shipped free to a store in a town I'll be traveling through. Returns are real easy. I've even ordered large items like truck tires and let them install them
There are managers that will fix what the HF cashier can't. It helps to bitch.
There is a HF coupon app you can install.
Shows many more coupons than I get in the mail or at the store. Updated a couple of times per week.
When I get notice it was updated, I scan through it
and add stuff to "my shopping cart" within the app.
(Including "freebies").
When in store, I just open app and go to my shopping cart and decide if something there I'm going to purchase that trip. Also decide what freebie
I'm going to take. Cashier just scans my phone or in rare cases where they can't scan phone will just take sku and manually enter it. App also does super job on tracking and deleteing expired coupons. I have not "clipped" in 6 months and now take advantage of many more coupons. BTW, there is always a 20% off coupon so if buying something not on sale or free I always use that.

Thanks for the information like the shopping cart tip I do that with Amazon a lot.