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Full Version: Useful Riv-Nut Tool info
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I'm posting this here because I couldn't find a "Tools" category. - Mods, please move to the correct category please?

I was looking to buy a new Rivet Tool when I came across this "Riv-Nut Tool" which I didn't know about... So I'm posting this here in case it's useful info for anyone else.

It's a Rivet Tool, but it inserts a rivet with a threaded hole inside. See the video so you can get a better idea.

I can see this being very useful for my upcoming build... 

It's available in Home Depot and Amazon.

Hope this helps.
Rivnuts or nutserts, aka Plusnuts are the ones I use, are very different from rivets.

Each accepts a bolt and will allow very thin sheet metal to hold a lot of weight.

Great for home made roof racks, custom awning setups, propane bottle holders etc.

Careful to paint drilled holes with galv, use good butyl tape for waterproofing, small enough drill hole so the plusnut doesn't spin, use stainless.

And don't try to save money, too much junk out of China, anything under $1 each is great.
This is the kit I used to install magnetic locks onto metal door jambs for the access control system at my last job...very strong.


They also have the lever style install tools, as well as air & battery powered.
The cheap $4-6 tool you can order with a pack is perfectly fine for non-production use, in fact a DIY job is easy if you're handy, google it.

Does the job well, just a bit slow if you needed to do hundreds in a day.

And PlusNuts specifically have some advantages, not least higher strength from spreading the load over a wider area.
This is great info. Thanks for the replies guys!

My build video:
just a little hint, when installing steel or stainless Riv-Nuts 3/8ths or larger you need a substantial tool. the small cheaper tools just don't cut it. highdesertranger