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Full Version: Wandering lost in San Luis Valley, Colorado.
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Confused  any suggestions for staying cheap or free around the valley? With cell signal?
Check, if people have left a review they usually note the cell signal.

The Dire Wolfess
Not too far away is the Russel Lakes wildlife sanctuary, on Rte. 285 south of Saguache. It is basically a quiet, little visited parking lot near a hiking path. Has a pit toilet and a pipe with flowing water, although I don't know if the water is potable.

A nice place to stay for the night. I don't recall if there is a cell signal there or not.
Buffalo Pass Campground in Rio Grande NF 27 miles NE of Saguache off Hwy 114. $5 night. Don't have a clue about cell signal though. Last time I was in that area the term cell signal would have gotten strange looks. Not too far from Cochetopa Pass.
Buffalo Pass is NW of Saguache not NE.
Correction: The Russel Lakes wildlife area is south of Saguache on Highway 15, not 285.
Besides, you can look for camping by going to google maps, blowing up the area of interest, and entering "camping" in the search window. Although these might be mostly Forest Service pay CGs.,8.44z