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Full Version: Jobs for VanDwellers Forum?
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Is there an existing forum for exchanging info on jobs? I'd like to know what's possible, hear other's experiences, ideas, successes, failures. Bob has done a series of blog posts: 'Jobs for Nomads,' but I don't see a forum on that topic. Are there other Vandwellers who would like to see a Jobs Forum added or am I not looking in the right place on the Community Forums?
I wouldn't mind seeing such a forum added.
(09-17-2018, 11:20 PM)Dingfelder Wrote: [ -> ]I wouldn't mind seeing such a forum added.

Who would we contact to perhaps design a poll? Who would actually set it up? Thank you.
Jobs, resources and subsequent discussions are posted here
Thanks so much Cyndi! I read right over the "Jobs" & only saw "Banking." Duh...
Aloha, VagabondWahine