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Full Version: Stick Pins for Mounting Foam Board?
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"My first question is of course, has adhesive failure of the stick pins caused any problems in your builds?"

no, never used them

"Did you use the pins exclusively for securing the insulation, or was another adhesive applied?"

no , no adhesive ever

"When bending the insulation panels into a curved cavity, what was the spacing and placement of the pins you found best?"

again never used

I never used any type of glue, pins etc. the outer wall holds it all in place.

"Since I will only be using the pins to hold the panels in place while expanding foam cures "

now the expanding foam I would never use. I have seen it rot sheet metal it comes in contact with. also once the outer skin is penetrated it holds water like a sponge.

I always cut the foam to fit tight and then us the interior walls to hold it in place. work for me.

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