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Full Version: Insulating the floor
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I will be in cold snow conditions as well as hot AZ. & Utah heat climates. The more I read the more confused I get on this. Any advise would be appreciated.

First layer on the metal van floor will be Reflextic with a 1/4-1/2" air gap.
Second layer with by the pink solid board, 1/2"
Third layer will be 1/2" plywood
Last will be vinyl flooring.

Does this sound like a good plan? Any suggestions
Thank you
I just watched Bob's Well's video #2 on van insulation and he did not insulate his van floor at all and very little done on the walls. It seems like I am doing a overkill and combining every video I have seen and spending way to much money.
So with that said I will do some polyiso and plywood and flooring. Maybe that is too much even. I feel I want some sort of insulation board down. More thinking to do.
Absolutely no value to the Reflectix + airgap on a floor, no matter facing up or down.

If you can spare the lost headroom, put more foam down (or above) instead.

Note that heat rises, so for cold ambient heated interior, put much thicker up top than below.

If using aircon, that's opposite, so if both make all six sides the same.

If you can get the floor dead flat at the foam level, no need for such heavy ply, just need puncture resistance, the foam is compression strong enough.
I have 1/2 foil faced foam insulating board under my plywood flooring. It is a lot nicer for my feet than before it was insulated. Reflextic does next to nothing, maybe less.
The first increment of insulation in what is essentially a metal box will substantially reduce heat flow making it easier to heat or cool. I’d put as much foam as practical on every surface possible including the floor. The R-value of a metal surface including the air films is around R1. Adding even just R1 to this system will cut conduction heat flow in half.
Bob put a fair amount of wall and roof insulation on his walls in his most recent build.

One thing he did which struck me as memorable is he put a string through the path his wiring went, so if he needed to add a wire later, it would be easy to get it fed to where it needed to be. Dunno if you're keeping something like that in mind already; just thought I would mention it.
I'd like to get some kind of radiant floor heating . . . for those winter mornings when warmth would be appreciated. I wonder, if I had that, would I even need any other kind of heater?
Hydronic water based, can feed a space heating radiator as well as the floor pipes.
I was thinking of getting an electric floor heating system - and just looked at one, at Amazon - and it said not to use next to wood or carpets! What's left? I guess I'll have to consult an expert.
Only going to work at powered campsites.

Best for off-grid is a burner using your vehicle fuel like Webasto / Espar.

for propane could adapt a HWS, maybe one of the tankless instant ones.
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