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Full Version: Newbee coffee question
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As a newbee who will be doing a fair amount of boondocking soon and as a coffee lover who likes electric drip coffee I'm thinking of this strategy: use electric drip with water heated on propane cook top and then use as normal electric when at hook up or if Jenny running. Anyone do this?
Electric drip coffee makers heat the water a little bit at a time.  The heating makes steam bubbles that lift the water and a check valve causes steam pressure impulses to push the water to raise the water from the tank at a slow speed.  This is similar to the pumping in a coffee percolator.  

To use a bulk of water heated on a cook top you will need an elevated tank with a flow control device, maybe just a small orifice.  The tank might need insulation.

Replacing the drip coffee maker heater with a propane powered heater to work the same way requires a thermostat to turn off the gas when the water runs out and it overheats.  

As soon as the first bit of hot water hits the grounds the brewing begins.  If you have to heat all the water first the time to have coffee takes longer.  Overlapping the heating time with the brewing time is the clever part.  

What I have found that works for me is the aero press in the inverted mode.  There is very little clean up and the taste is good.  Heating and brewing do not overlap in time but you only make one cup at a time.  Brewing a second cup overlaps drinking the first.
Just use the pour over coffee method, it gives great results. Heat you water with a propane burner. Like this.
I don't have any experience with this one.
Coleman makes a propane powered drip coffee maker:

And the one I use when I can't run the generator or don't have shore power:

The negative reviews about the plastic melting are from people improperly using it, It has to be used on a round (not oval) burner that is not too large. It would work on coleman stoves that have a round burner.

I do carry two drip coffee makers though. One 120VAC and the above coleman. Takes up valuable space but I HAVE to have my 12 cups of coffee each morning.
(10-07-2018, 09:03 AM)kygreg Wrote: [ -> ]Just use the pour over coffee method, it gives great results. Heat you water with a propane burner. Like this.
like you, I was big into drip coffee

I'm 100% converted to using an AeroPress. I head water with propane stove then use the AeroPress. small, compact and easy to travel with
Cleanup for me is throwing the paper filter in the trash and the pot rinse water is what I use to rinse my coffee cup and mouth after brushing. Make the water do extra duty.

Aero, french press or pour over works well and in not complicated.

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All good suggestions so far. If you're wanting a more integrated solution, you could get a percolator that goes right on the stove (or a campfire).

Example of above described:
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