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Full Version: Boca Chica beach Texas
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Has anyone ever camped at the Boca Chica beach just 25 miles east of Brownsville Texas. It looks like free beach camping. From the satellite photos it appears that driving on the beach is allowed.
Texas Parks and Wildlife says it's only open for day use.
Scroll down for the beach information
I could not find where it said that in your link, did I just miss it?
You can camp free on the beach on South Padre Island. Great bird sanctuary in the area, too.

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Where on S. Padre Island? On State Park rd, 100?
Magnolia beach south of Houston is a good one. The close by state park even offers salt water surf fishing lessons for free and you don't need a license inside the park to fish. Lots of people put vasoline on metal bolts and surfaces to keep them from rusting as after a few days things can really start to corrode, just saying, take a look at some of the threads of full timers that winter on the gulf coast. I went to speed week at the salt flats after a rain and washed out little piles of salt for weeks when washing my car! Couldn't believe people took those nice hot rods out there, guess they spend a lot of money at the car wash! HDR does have a point. If you do your own work rusty bolts ain't no fun!
(10-11-2018, 05:41 AM)kygreg Wrote: [ -> ]Where on S. Padre Island? On State Park rd, 100?
Wasn't conscious of the road name. There's only one main road that goes the length of Padre Island and it stretches north all the way to Mustang Island. It's a long narrow string. You can pull right out onto the beach in your vehicle.

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