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Full Version: My first night out
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About an hour ago I woke up from my first night out. Apart from a little generator drama, everything went very well. 

I wish I had done this 30 years ago! Thank you to all of you who have helped me get going with your advice and insight. 

(10-11-2018, 05:54 AM)Anhedonic Wrote: [ -> ]About an hour ago I woke up from my first night out.

Happy Birthday!
very happy for you to be out on the road and I am sure you are loving your freedom Smile

ok, what is in that box in front of the door. So curious on that box just sitting there, LOL

nice van set up definitely!
(10-11-2018, 06:43 AM)RoamerRV428 Wrote: [ -> ]ok, what is in that box in front of the door.  So curious on that box just sitting there, LOL

Thank you! The box is just 6 gallons of water. Smile
ahhh, ok, but that is SO needed Smile water is a good thing LOL

where are you parked? being first night out did you travel far yet from your starting position? just wondering, I love hearing of other's adventures!
I'm in Connecticut at a small, regional burn. It's a small, Burning Man type event. Most people are arriving today. I arrived early because I need to stay in the van. By this evening the place will be hopping.

It's only about two hours from home, but boondocking for the first time. These events have anywhere from 300 to several thousand people all doing leave-no-trace boondocking or tent camping.
Ahhh, wow you are going to have a fab time I am sure Smile
Great experiment and new adventures coming your way. I bet you will discover what you need more of and don't need as you do your experiment time out and about. Plus all those people you can ask how they do it and find great tips. Definitely let us know how it goes when you are done and move on and how much fun/tips and tricks you got and more!! Our experiences is what makes this a good site, we can all share those tips/tricks etc. that help us so much in how we nomadic on the road!
Congratulations! That is very exciting. Blessings for a life full of adventure, of the good kind :-D

The Dire Wolfess
That should be a blast. Congrats on your first offgrid overnight!
Congratulations on your first van adventure! Great joy...
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