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Full Version: How to deal with raised floor after installing insulation/flooring.
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There is a plastic panel that is at the very rear where doors open and a panel that goes into the step area when you open side doors.  Pic attached.

How do you deal with these panels, as they are not designed to fit once the floor has been raised?

I can see not bothering to use the panel by rear doors. But the panel for the step area is needed.
why is the step panel needed? highdesertranger
HDR it's  needed because what's under there is just plain ugly... Big Grin 

I had a friend with a cutting wheel cut the excess off at the top and then I covered that cut line with a metal edging strip like you'd use on the edge of  stairs.
well I kinda wanted to hear why the OP said it was needed then I would base my answer off that. are you saying it's ugly because the paint is all scratched up? highdesertranger
Technically, It's not really needed but I think it looks better with it and assume that the original purpose is to protect the area it covers.
you could just cut it like Almost There said. it you did a nice clean cut strategically located you could use both pieces and it wouldn't be noticeable. highdesertranger
In most cases people designed the raised floor to fit around or over the plastic parts.