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Full Version: Best Shops For Tires For Western Nomads?
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I'm planning to boondock, mainly around the west.  I'm shopping for new tires here in Denver before hitting the the road soon.  Is there any consensus on the best chain of tire stores to use for sales/warranties/service etc with plenty of locations around?  Discount Tire?  Pep Boys?  Others?  WalMart, even?  (I am not a member of Costco or Sam's Club)

Conversely, are there any chains to avoid at all costs?

Thanks for any help!
Here are my priorities when tire shopping

1. Quality of tire (which means reputable brands, not some Chinese made house brand)
2. Best price
3. Best warranty
4. Guys who can properly mount and balance tires

That mean the store is a lower priority for me.

I was a dedicated fan of Discount Tire for a long time. I went to them for the first set of tires on my van. I didn't buy the road hazard warranty because In all my years of driving I had never needed to use one. Then I got a flat at speed that destroyed the tire. When I went to Discount Tire to replace it the clerk asked if I had the hazard replacement warranty. No. He said, "Well, you could buy it now to cover that tire. Such a deal, a $200 tire for $35. Customer for life.

But my budget was tight the last time I needed tires, so I shopped around for the best price. Pep Boys was having a special on Cooper Adventurer H/T's, so I put aside my biases against them and got the tires there. Everything was fine.
I use Wal-Mart. I know what brand and size, I get them though them because they have by far the most stores in case I need warranty replacement, which I never have. I used to use Costco but they stopped carrying my tire. I did have to warranty tires at Costco a few times never had a problem. highdesertranger
Costco is great if you can find one for warranty. My casual observation is they cluster stores in metropolitan areas. So you could be far from a location when needed.

Sams club is better in regards to the location of stores.

Googled the number of stores 
Costco has 519 Sam's club has 597 Discount tire has over 1000