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Full Version: Finally got my van
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I traded my SUV for a 2018 Chevy Express, I am almost done with the insulation now on to building my bed. Hope to make it to Arizona sometime in December. Safe travels everyone!
congrats, looks good so far. highdesertranger
Grats, good looking van!

Personally I like the idea of not having a window in every place possible. I don't care for houses that are all glass either.
Nice looking van! And already insulated - that's progress . . . congratulations!
Sweet looking van Lystrek.
Identical van, except mine is 2016 GMC. I stuffed my single-size 8" foam mattress, 38"x74", behind the vertical strut over the wheel well. Being foam, it conforms to the various curvatures in the walls.
Thanks everyone! Yesterday I built the bed, today hopefully will finish a table. Almost ready for my full time adventure. Thought about going to Arizona but the high temperatures are are not enticing to me. I might just stay in the Midwest and maybe Colorado. I do love winter but not sure how I will handle it in the van. Safe travels.
Very simple bed that I can move forward if I need to carry larger things in the back.
congrats on the van and nice work! looking forward to seeing more of your build!
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