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Full Version: Can I Edit a Post I already Posted?
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If I can't edit a post I already posted, can I delete a post? And then re-edit it as a new one?

Lastly, can I get notifications to my phone or email when a reply or PM comes in?
About deleting or changing a previous post, contact a mod to ask if maybe they can help you with that.

I have the Tapatalk app on my phone, which sends alerts when there are posts made to threads I've posted on before. It's pretty easy to use. My main complaint about it would be that sometimes I need to access the desktop version using my phone's browser in order to see photos that people post. But usually they come through fine on Tapatalk. Maybe it's a formatting thing? Perhaps the person who posted them did not resize them?

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you have 15 minutes to edit your post after that a mod must do it. only a mod can delete a post. to get notifications you must turn it on/off accordingly. down at the bottom of the page it says subscribe to this thread, that will get you notifications. highdesertranger