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Full Version: Remote Site near Yuma
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I am in the Yuma area and am looking for someplace to camp, not too far away, but remote. Can anyone make some suggestions? Please private message me.

Try free campsite..I couldn't post
Bob and the gang are out there, go look at bob's blog and on the right hand side, there is a map to where he is, should be exactly what you are looking for, and get nice neighbors

With love,
Remote and "near city" are conficting goals.  My blog has several places I've camped somewhat near Yuma, but I'm not sure what you consider remote.  It also depends on what you are driving -- high clearance 4wd can get more remote than my motorhome.
There is a group of us on Sidewinder road (exit 164 in California in Interstate 8), map on my blog If you have 4x4 you can get off at Exit 164 and head away from the Pilot Knob LTVA and you can make it through the sandy parts of the road while the RVs can't so you will be all alone. It's a nice spot.

Ogliby Road is also a great choice but a little further out. Take Exit 159 off of Interstate 8 in California.

Mittry Lake will let you camp right on the shore of a lake but you won't be alone, there will be people all around you.

With all of those you will be within 20 miles of Yuma.
Thanks, for all the help.