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Full Version: Foam bed but NOT memory foam, which online company?
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So I hate memory foam, in beds or cushions.  I dont mind the regular foam.  I got some samples from this company, but heck if I can guess what to buy from little cubes of the stuff.      The HD36?         

I want to make a Full Size bed for at home.  Did you buy foam for your nomad vehicle?

Can you help me make a wise/frugal purchase?

I  have a little chemical sensitivity problem.  Memory foam never ages good enough for me.  Whereas standard foam after some time airing is ok dokey.  So a new bed is a very big deal for me.

Thank you
Hi Orange
So a couple years ago I got some 6in thick foam from a craft/hobby store to make new cushions. As I recall they were inexpensive to make, but admittedly I wasn't apples to apples comparing them to a foam bed, I was comparing them to buying new cushion inserts.

So, places like Joann's fabric, and hobby lobby have foam you can buy by the foot.

If you put the foam inside of one of those zippered mattress covers it'd be just like a mattress. I suppose you could just wrap it up in sheets too.

One of the pluses of checking out foam rolls at a craft store is you can actually feel it and really check it out before you decide.


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I bought an 8" foam mattress for my van from amazon. It's incredibly comfortable, more so than my home mattress, :-). This type has 3 layers, a dense layer on the bottom for support, a softer layer in the middle for comfort, and a thin layer of memory foam on top. I got the one with the thinnest memory foam, as I don't like it all that much either. I have allergies, and this mattress doesn't bother me.

But this brings up, if going to fabricate your own mattress, you might think about using 3" thick layers with different densities. I wouldn't like having low density 6" thick, and then sinking in. Feel like the Pilsbury Dough Boy.
Free shipping and they'll custom cut. It is cheaper to order a standard size and cut it yourself.
I first heard of this company through Bob.
I got the 6" Lux High Quality for my van. I think it is slightly too hard. I would get the Lux Regular next time. Also, 6" was not necessary, 4" would probably have been enough. My previous mattresses were softer foam that bottomed out at 4", but the more dense foam should be OK at 4".

I would recommend 4" of Lux Regular.
Wow thank you folks. I think from all your responses I can put something together with that foam company.

I will get the Lux regular foam sky4rk advises but at 5 inches for 100.99 for just in case the 4 inch doesnt cut it.

Then the Super Soft foam 2 inch as a topper for 34.99 for squishy softness that is not memory foam.

Nice to have a Full size bed for under 135. Ive had my twin bed for over a decade.

Does that sound like a comfy durable arrangement?
How thick of a mattress you'll need will depend on your personal mattress firmness preference and (to some extent) what size of person you are. What is thick and cushy enough for one person might have another person bottoming out and not resting at all.


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I got my all-regular-foam twin XL mattress from Mattress Firm. I ordered it at one of their stores, though. I like to experience a bed before buying it.Back before I was married I had an all-natural rubber mattress I loved. It was heavy as hell, though.
IKEA had some foam/natural combos at a good price last time I was shopping.
Larger cities usually have stores that specialize in all natural product mattresses.

One good choice is to get a natural latex foam mattress, it has no petroleum chemicals in it, they do not off-gas. When you shop for them be sure that it is natural and sourced from trees, not a "synthetic" latex which is a misleading advertising lure because it is not real latex. Latex is a product from trees. Natural latex will outlast the chemical foam product mattress by a decade or more. They cost more than the petrochemical foams but you are getting good value because it is not going to compressed and stay in that flattened shape in only a couple of years.

They do come in different densities and softness. You can get them with all natural, chemical free matrtress coverings. These are a favorite of people who live on boats. The boaters get the type that have small holes that go through the whole surface.makes them a little cooler to sleep on, it also makes them lighter in weight but it does not compromise the support or the longevity. They do not hold moisture, they do not promote mold growth, it is naturally antimicrobial. It does not break down and it does not hold body impressions.

There are of course other choices in mattresses for people who have chemical sensitivity such as spring mattresses with wood padding and or a layer of latex foam.

As you are looking for a standard size mattress for home use you should not have too much difficulty in finding a store that stocks them. The best way to test them is to go to a store and lie down. Take your time, relax, you need to give your body time to settle in for a while. Do that little slow breathing, calmly relaxing your toes, then your fingers, then your legs and arms and especially your back and neck. If you don't let your muscles settle you will never know exactly how it will feel when you want to get to sleep. Wear shoes that are easy to slip off and on when you go mattress shopping. What you choose will be a choice given by your comfort and your wallet.
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