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Full Version: So many questions. . ..
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Getting ready to insulate my GMC van and my brain is full of everything I've been reading, watching, measuring, etc. A few questions.

1. Polyiso is recommended over the pink Owen corning Foamular, correct? Is that just for the Rvalue? On the 1/2" it looks like the Foamular is R3 and the Polyiso is R2.7 so almost the same. When it gets to the 1" stuff though, then the Polyiso is R6 and Foamular is R5. 

2. Would there be anything wrong with combining foamular and polyiso? Using 1/2" foamular for the intial layer and then 1" polyiso layers on top? Reason being there's a sale on the 1/2" foamular. 

3. Is it sufficient to just tape all the seams with the foil tape on the innermost layer of foam board or do all the seams underneath have to be taped together too? 

4. Has anyone with a GM van that are so curved been able to just do the first layer with 1/2" and then 1" over that and have it stick okay with the curves? I plan to cut it in pieces to help. I'd rather do that than all those 1/2" layers. 

5. My van came with the wood boards on the walls. I plan to have the insulation thickness up to be flush with the wood, which would then be covering all the metal but leave the boards exposed so I can see them for attaching paneling. Is that okay as far as thermal bridging or do I have to put a whole extra layer on top to cover the wood boards too? 

I think that's it for now!
Are you camping in freezing snow or boiling desert?

Mixing is fine, put the polyiso on the warm side

Wood stops the bridging, a bit.

Get some foam between the metal and wood, maybe