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Full Version: WVO practicality?
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I'm thinking about converting a diesel to run on waste vegetable oil but I've heard stories about biodiesel companies making contracts with restaurants preventing us from getting their oil. Does anyone do this as a nomad? Any experienced thoughts or advice would be appreciated.
So I read a book just a couple months ago about a homesteading couple in the desert southwest who convert wvo to biodiesel. It was a very interesting read with detailed chapters on a ton of diy topics. Wendy is a very descriptive writer, too. They've been homesteading for a while now and have YouTube vids on a variety of subjects.

She describes a friend of theirs who was traveling around as a freelance journalist, and if I'm remembering correctly he was traveling in a wvo converted mini bus.

Here's the book but you might be able to borrow it from the library like I did.

And here's their YouTube channel -

I'd start there.


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1st off you need an older mechanical diesel. the newer electronic controlled ones are not conversion friendly.

2nd it's much easier to run on used motor oil and trans fluid then waste vegetable oil(WVO)

you need to talk with Low Tech he runs on used motor oil/trans fluid.

Angie, thanks for the link. Homesteaders don't have to worry about finding oil because they can develop a relationship with their local restaurants. Nomads on the other hand have to constantly find new restaurants.


Yup I'm looking for an early 90's Dodge Ram with the Cummins 5.9 L engine as my tow vehicle. It's one of the most popular engines for wvo conversion, aside from an old Mercedes. Thanks for the rec.
the problem with WVO is it must be heated and/or additives must be added. most system must be started and run off of pump diesel until the proper temp is reached. all this complicates the conversions besides the fuel heater system you need 2 fuel tanks one for pump diesel and one for WVO. it's much easier to run used motor/trans oil. then you don't need the 2 tanks or the heater system. you really need to talk with Low Tech he is a member here and will be at the RTR. highdesertranger