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Full Version: Time is precious
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Kind regards everyone,

I am a nurse my profession and I wanted to share the story of a sweet guy with a devasting disease that is selling his belongings and trying to raise money to buy a van which he will live in and travel USA and Canada in.  It is his goal to do this before his health has put him in a nursing home or worse. He is a very nice guy that uses a cane and sometimes a walker to get around.

I do not want to break any rules by posting his GoFundMe here, if you'd like to help out by spreading the word in your social media, I will give you the link in PM. He also posted a video. Here is his story: In September 2018, just two months before my 50th birthday, I was presented with two devastating realities: one, I learned that I have multiple sclerosis and the other was that my beloved dog of 14 years is terminally ill. This made me realize how precious time is and how much of North America I want to see and experience. I am currently trying to raise enough money to be able to purchase a van to live in and take the road trip of a lifetime through the United States and Canada. The purpose of this road trip is to be able to experience all of this before my MS takes away my independence.