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has anyone used, or come across anyone who has used, a small wood burning stove in their RV/5th wheel?

Thanks guys
Quite a few different stoves and applications on youtube.

Not sure what your price range is. Dickson Marine makes a wood burning small stove, mount to wall or floor, iirc
Hey Mcfan,
I just watched this YouTube about a couple who installed a wood stove in their 13' Scamp.

I don't know how much experience you have with wood stoves. I grew up with a barrel stove that we used as our sole source of heat for our little 30'×30' 3 bedroom house. There are a lot of DIYers who make their own out of everything from ammo boxes to old kerosene cans. I would be leery of DIYing this myself. At least you know you can research a commercially available model's track record for safety and efficiency.


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