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Full Version: What are YOU listening to??
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Music, along w/ reading, has always  been a passion of mine. Can't play dead but I know when something moves me. Nostalgia is cool, for awhile, but what new tunes have been making your world better, lately???
Otis Taylor - Hey Joe
I'm not a forum expert so maybe this should be in chit chat. Feel free to move it, sorry.
Convergence of cultures.

Bluegrass meets Hip Hop/Rap....yeah, you thought it all was

Gangstagrass | You Can Never Go Home Again
Angels in Heaven - Chris Rodrigues & the Spoon Lady
Steve Earle - "Midnight Rider" (The Allman Brothers Band Cover)
Dead Can Dance - The Carnival Is Over (Official Video)
I've, full time and part time, bought and sold collectible vinyl records since mid '90's. Grateful for all the new genres I was exposed to.
No, I don't want your grandparents Mantovani, Glen Miller, Lawrence Welk
(11-01-2018, 02:07 PM)MaTaLa Wrote: [ -> ]what new tunes have been making your world better, lately???

Only "old" tunes have improved my world;  especially ones by Tchaikovsky, Kedrov, and Bortniansky.  YMMV ; )
The Blues, Rock, Motown and Judas Priest..
Love me some Motown. Checkout some of their early '60's stuff if you get the chance. Grew up listening to Memphis Soul (Wilson Pickett, Carla Thomas, Eddies Floyd, etc) and James Brown till teens then went classic rock and blues. Listening to Otis Taylor "Nasty Letter" right now.

It seems "good" music is simply vibrations tuned to our ears that moves us, or not. It always seems certain types of music move me MORE at different junctions of life. Hard Rock/Metal resonates w/ a certain mental/emotional state which I don't find myself in much anymore, not because I've outgrown it or turned snob, I don't think. Hard driving tunes fuel my aggressive side, which is cool sometimes but run at a much lower speed these days.

Wistful mentioned classical and, while not a go to genre for me, I do have times when it's what soothes me. I don't have a musician's perspective of the technical aspect. I just know what moves me, one way or another.

I stopped listening to nostalgia playlists after I had done the record vendor thing for a while. There's just too much stunning work done out there that doesn't make it through the mainstream, money oriented music machine.

I told my daughter several years ago how unfair it was that she could experience, online, in no time what it took me decades do, lol.