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Full Version: Need a forklift in Phoenix
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Need to use a forklift to reposition a camper on a flatbed. Anyone know of someone that might be able to do this for a fee???
I have a forklift. if you can get to Mohave Valley on Saturday I can do it. how much does the camper weigh and how long do the forks have to be. highdesertranger
I love it when a plan comes together !
The camper is fairly light, 9.6 ft fiberglass Bigfoot. Not much in it, have taken out black tank. I think the tag says 1200 lbs dry.
Need to move it about 30 inches, have HD cargo straps if needed. Don't think it'd be a difficult task.

I'd be there with bells on if you think you'd give it a whirl.
ok how long do the forks need to be? what are the straps for? just trying to figure out if we can do it. if my A-frame was assembled I would say it would be no problem because then we would have 2 lifting devices. highdesertranger
Straps are long, could wrap around camper and forks is they're a little short.
The camper hangs off the back by 17", lift it then block and get forks under. Can strap it against forklift so it doesn't tip forward with second lift.
Worse comes to worst I'll get a piece of plywood to put under on first lift and a pipe under that to roll it forward. Wouldn't want to roll it on pipe, or similar, on the bare belly of the fiberglass.

If that doesn't make sense I understand.
I am going to PM you my contact info. highdesertranger