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Full Version: Insurance Upgrade
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Hi all, 

I have basic coverage on my 2002 econoline with gieco but looking to upgrade for more protection now that I'm heading west from Philladelphia. Had an attempted brake in and just had a dream that my home/van was stripped. So I'm on the hunt. Any advice? Anyone else have geico? Or is there a better insurance company?
I have had Geico since early last year - but want to rejoin AARP and get their insurance, I think it is called Hartford?

If you want Geico's roadside insurance you have to pay for either collision or comprehensive insurance, something like that.

Do you have roadside insurance?

I used to get full coverage with Geico but in an effort to cut my expenses I switched to liability insurance because the car I have right now is only worth 2000 dollars... and since I did that, I got AAA roadside insurance to replace the Geico roadside insurance I no longer qualified for.

In any case, I would consider roadside insurance a necessity for any out of town travel. Or even in-town travel.
Get a qoute from Progressive they write full timer policies.  Can include insuring your contents personal property as well as liability and collision.

I'm not an insurance agent, I think cost and available policies vary state to state.

Good luck