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Full Version: Boondocking GPS
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Love all the post on boondocking would really help if you folks (unless you don't want to share) would post the gps coords for the areas you're camping at...would really make things a lot easier for us that may wish to camp there also.

Would be great also if you own a campground if you'd also post the coords...Garmin really sucks at trying to find you sometimes.

When I tune in a Youtube vid about a boondocking site I check to see of the coords are in the description...if not I move on.

Thanks, Tim
I personally will not post the coordinates for any booddocking location. especially on a public forum. I have been burned before by telling people of cool spots.

I am not saying you are a bad person or anything like that but posting it on here anybody can read it and I guaranty some are assho!es.

now if it's a developed campground have at it. highdesertranger
Sharing a really good site on the internet is the fastest way to ensure it's spoiled forever, and can easily get it shut down.
amen to that. highdesertranger
My favorite spots are by invite only, and I make people promise to never post them on the internet. I already had one favorite spot get closed to camping from people leaving garbage.

I use to find a spot, set up camp, and then scour the area to find something better and private.

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