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Full Version: Roadtrek bed - R U using the cushions or not?
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Hey Roadtrek folks,

I threw away the cushions that were designed to make a bed in my 2005C190P. They smelled bad. I cut one cushion open to see what was inside, and yep, nothing but foam. I can imagine the BO stench settling in those cushions after 13 years of usage by 3 different owners. 

The pain about the Roadtrek is the 2 back corners. So, I'd probably have to get a mattress I can cut with an electric knife. Any suggestions on what type of mattress I should get? What are you using instead of the cushions?

Mine came with a full size bed across the back. It does not make into a L-lounge. I also threw out the original bed. I bought an (I think) 8 inch (could be 10) foam mattress from a mattress store so I could try it out before purchase. Let the sales person know you need to cut it. I took the cover off via a zipper and cut 2 inches off one side so it would fit. I then went to the fabric store and bought a spray adhesive (~$35). I took a 2 inch memory foam mattress topper and cut it to the same dimensions as the now narrower bed. I used the spray adhesive to glue the two parts together. Put the mattress cover back on on and zipped it back up. This mattress now sleeps better for me than the high dollar mattress in the S&B. I usually wake up in the same position as I fell asleep in. YMMV

An electric knife works well at cutting a foam mattress. I didn't have a problem with the corners, only the width. My Roadtrek is the widebody 200.
Yep, RT beds stink. I've had 2 RTs. What I would do if I ever got another one, would be to build/ have built a solid twin platform with under bed storage and put a regular mattress or foam on it. As a child my bed was always made from a door (without the doorknob, lol), with a piece of 4" foam on top. Doors are easy to come by, just go to your local Habitat store. That will free up considerable space. If you want a double bed, just put two doors side by side. Hollow core doors are light and easy to handle. If you need more strength, you can add a piece of 5/8" plywood on top.

Doors can sit on top of an adjustable metal bed frame, or you can build a frame of you'd prefer.

The Dire Wolfess
B and C, 

Did you put any type of barrier underneath the mattress?
Thanks for your reply. Interesting about the door bed, but I don't think that would be something for me.
My bed is above a basement area that is not climate controlled. If I didn't have this hypervent underneath and around 3 sides, i would have condensation/mold issues.

I think a 190 has a bench down each side at the back. This area already makes into a bed by putting the table that goes there as a base for the bed so you would not need any additional support as far as I know. Let me know if I am wrong. I didn't shop 190's as I wanted the 200. Your two benches are over un-climate controlled space though I think. The hypervent should be used between the mattress and this non-climate controlled space to prevent condensation build up.

If the benches don't make into a big bed, you will need to bridge the gap with something. I would suggest 5/8 plywood cut to fit between the benches and a furring strip on the aisle side of each bench to support the plywood. If you want to lose a few inches of storage underneath and save some money, maybe cutting a door down would work as suggested. 2 foot by 4 foot pieces of plywood are not expensive though. I know I need every cubic inch I have.

Edit to add: The hypervent is installed with the smooth side toward the mattress.
B and C
Thanks for the hypervent link. Just what I was looking for. Yes, there is a table to fill in the gap to make a bed.
You're welcome. There may be other sellers at a cheaper price. I just grabbed the first one that popped up.
Actually, I did find a company here in Colorado that sells it for half the cost and no delivery charge  Smile
^^^Great Big Grin

You may want to share the name/web address of the place to help others.
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