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Full Version: Cargo camper windows
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Wanting to put windows in my cargo trailer. Wall studs are 16 on center I do not want to cut the steel wall studs so what size of windows can In between the studs.
probably 12 or 14. I don't know what type of windows you are thinking of but, DO NOT use residential windows.

cutting out the studs is really no big deal you simply reinforce around the window and tie into the studs.

Looking at r.v windows
Thanks to any body that helps
Here is a list of salvage yards in MO.

You can also look at neighboring states. This is a sticky thread in the RV section.
Check out Johnson Supply and Bontrager’s web site; they have thousands of new, Surplus RV windows in stock. They are both located in White Pigeon, Michigan.

Hope this helps.
^^^^ those are exactly the type of windows that we DON'T recommend you install in a cargo trailer (or any kind of trailer).

The square windows do NOT fare well going on down the road.

Always use RV style windows with the radius corners and automotive glass.
do not use windows or doors with square corners. they are not meant for mobile applications. I don't know how many times I have posted this info. the square corner will stress fracture under flexing and vibration. that's why they don't use them on planes, RV's, boats, or even cars and trucks. highdesertranger
To each his own! All older campers used there type windows, before "purty" was more important than function.
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