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Full Version: Apartment inside a van
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Here is a full apartment that fits inside a van. It slides out, and then slides out some more.
No room for passengers bit of a critical design flaw there.

Nice design concept though
cool for a small select few on holiday but not practical as living. won't touch it for me personally. more bad than good if you need to live and be mobile in this thing. cool tho what they come up with for people in designs.
Really fun and well done video. I have to agree with the question of where you would put anything ... however, this looks made for weekend campers, who don't need to have all the stuff it takes to live in a vehicle long-term. As long as you have a backpack per person and stop by a grocery store on the way for supplies, you probably wouldn't need much storage room in the van.
Just strap the family on the roof rack, LOL.
My thought would be what happens in heavy wind, otherwise neat.