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Full Version: Grey Water Question
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I wasn't sure where to post this, but I'm wondering when you are on BLM land (especially in the desert) what are you doing to dispose of grey water? I've heard that some areas permit ground dumping as long as it isn't kitchen water(?), but I'm not sure the source is reliable or knowledgeable.
There isn’t any one answer for this. You have to look up the rules for the exact area you are camped in. Every district, national forest and BLM area has it’s own rules and requirements.

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Thank you. That is what I thought might be the case.
I think for many, this falls under the "don't ask, don't tell" policy, where you find an out of the way location to pour it out on the ground. Obviously, any solids, or suds would be a big no no !
I’ve used gray water to put out the campfire and make sure it’s out before I move on. What’s left I dump at a RV Park or campground dumping station.
In bear country, the rangers can be a bit rabid about any grey water on the ground, and enforce this vigorously for good reason, but I also agree the don’t ask-don’t tell approach is pretty reasonable many places, using basic common sense and reason as to where and when.
Thank you all for the responses. I'm building my trailer from the frame up and I'm trying to gauge how big of a grey tank to install. This info helps.
If you are putting in a grey tank it might be to your advantage to put in at least a 10 gallon one with a regular knife valve as some BLM long term and most RV parks that require self contained RV's look for that valve as it is easy to see. If ground clearance is a problem just put an additional removable section comming out ot the tank.
bullfrog - Since I am building from the frame up, I can go as large as I think I need. I was thinking of using a 20 gallon tank built in to the trailer and carrying a 25 gal "portable tank" to allow for dumping without moving the trailer and/or as an additional holding tank.
I do the "backpacker" thing and dump my greywater in a sandy area far from a water source (I use biodegradable soap, but it's still toxic to aquatic life). The sand filters it as it percolates down to the groundwater.


I am in a van, not an RV, and I never have more than a half-gallon of greywater at a time.

And as always, follow whatever the rules are if you are in a state or national park/forest/whatever.
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