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Full Version: Best compact camping chair?
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My back can no longer handle sitting “round the campfire” in my $10 nylon camp chair so I’m looking for suggestions. I’m in a minivan so must be compact and economical. Thanks in advance!
I’m looking forward to seeing what people recommend.
economical and comfortable do not go hand in hand. I recommend a Kermit or the Yeti Hondo.
Love the Avatar...………….I had a "Plum Crazy" 66 Econoline Van

I've got a GCI Freestyle Folding Rocker...…Does it fold small enough ?  I bought mine from Dicks Sporting Goods over a year's a long ACE link

The thing(s) I like about this is...…….I'm a BIG guy at almost 300 lbs (the chair is rated 250)...…..this chair is Wide enough and Strong.....Padded seat..….The "rocker" action allows my legs to pump a little avoiding leg pain from poor circulation...……………..

And then there's the little sock to hold your BarleyPop  !
It depends on your anatomy and posture.

I think one of the most useful campfire activities is trying out each other's chairs, like Goldilocks, to see if there's a model and brand that's "just right."

If you find a good one, try folding it. I once had one that was rather comfortable but it always resisted folding. And it was never very compact. I gave it away. I had another that was very comfortable and easy to fold, but the fabric eventually tore. That one is pictured below. But the chair that's very comfortable, easy to fold and incredibly durable is the other folding chair in the photo. Camp chairs are mostly crap compared to indoor chairs.


This is my favorite chair. It folds down to something the size of a large laptop bag so it is super easy to store in the van but doesn't take up any room. It is very comfortable to sit in as well.

The only downside is the cost. It isn't cheap at all. One year I saw them at costco for around $40. I used them so much that I replaced them last year (I haven't seem them at costco in a few years). Dicks sporting goods was having a sale last year that was buy one get one free so I bought another set.

Withe the holidays in full force you might find a good sale. Or right after xmas might be a great time to pick them up. I can't get myself to pay full price for them even though they probably are worth it. But if you keep an eye out for them a deal with come up eventually. All I can say is best chair I've had in the van ever.
These are VERY durable.

Good and cheap are at the opposite ends of the spectrum. Cheap is very rarely good and you hope you get what you pay for. I also have the pico chair as a backup. I carry a larger chair that has a high back and a pullout foot rest. It does not fold up small. I carry it on the bed. I did a little searching and don't see it now. It is not a zero gravity chair, I do not recommend them. Glad I bout two for when one gives up the ghost.
Gotta love Yeti’s marketing....

“Your current camp chair is a piece of crap, and YETI knows it. In our research, people break a lot of chairs, says Rob Murdock, YETI’s VP of Innovation. “People buy, break, and buy again.” It’s hardly surprising: No assemblage of aluminum tubing and nylon sold for $15 can indefinitely support American butts.” 

Introducing the $300 Yeti Hondo camping chair.

Yeti: a company built on charging 500% more for a product that's only 50% better.
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